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Building Visual C++ with Bamboo as a service

Posted in bamboo, nant on November 7, 2008 by Ross Rowe

A user reported a tricky bug with the NAnt Builder…running an NAnt build when Bamboo runs as a service would end up with a error on the import of the msxml libraries, wheras running Bamboo via the console would be fine.

Turns out that when msbuild runs as a service, it doesn’t have the full path available, so adding the updating the solution options in Visual Studio (Tools menu > Options >
Project and Solutions > VC++ Directories) to ensure that


are specified before the rest of the entries fixes the problem.


Bamboo ClearCase plugin updates

Posted in bamboo, clearcase on October 28, 2008 by Ross Rowe

I’ve updated the Bamboo ClearCase plugin to include two new features.

The first is to leverage the work that Magnus and Thobias did in including support for Base ClearCase into the plugin, such that the ClearCase UCM support can handle both baseline comparisons as well as date comparisons…this means that projects which don’t use baselines can use the plugin to compare changes since the last build date.

The second is to include support for building projects that use Dynamic views…this was actually pretty straightforward, I just needed to find the right syntax for the view creation.

Updates to the Bamboo Tagger plugin

Posted in bamboo, tagger plugin on October 23, 2008 by Ross Rowe

I’ve made a couple of modifications to the Tagger Plugin in the last couple of days.

Firstly, I updated the plugin to allow the customization of the comment text used for the Subversion tags…previously it was hard coded to ‘Automatic copy from Bamboo’, but the text can now be specified on a plan’s configuration. You can also use replacement parameters so that the jira issues or original Subversion commit comments can be included in the tag commit comments.

I also updated the CVS component of the plugin to use either ‘rtag’ or ‘tag’ – previously it was just using ‘rtag’.

I’ve also done some more work on the integration tests for the plugin. I’m using the integration testing functionality provided by the Atlassian PDK, which deploys the plugin to a local instance of Bamboo, and I’ve got a test that uses JWebUnit to programatically click links. At the moment, the test is only verifying that the UI components included in the plugin exist.