what’s been happening?

Well, I’ve been making a couple of minor bug fixes here and there, so new versions of the Bamboo Cobertura, Crucible ClearCase and Bamboo NAnt Builder .NET Support have been released.  I’ve also been harrassing Atlassian to make the Fisheye source code management pluggable so that I can write a ClearCase plugin for Fisheye, but that’s still ongoing;)

I’ve mainly been working on the first of hopefully several commercially-licenced plugins, the first of which being a BlackBerry-optimized theme for Confluence (which is available now in beta version) and a Confluence QualityCentre plugin (which will be released very soon).

I’m in the process of setting up avainit.com to handle issue tracking, blog posts and general information, so once it’s up and running, this blog will move over there.


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